Our Team

The importance of client satisfaction underpins the PCH ethos; therefore the ambition to meet and exceed client expectations is a requirement of all our team members.

Mark Hatley is the Managing Director and founder of PCH Associates. Mark manages some projects himself and is always keen to discuss potential projects or the possibility of accessing funding streams with new and existing clients.

Mark has a proven track record in obtaining funding for school condition and expansion projects as well as sports funding. He specialises in joining funding streams to enable expansions and to achieve the best possible starting budget to ensure the final scheme delivered meets the objectives of the school.

Darren Clerkin, Deputy Director, also manages projects himself. Darren has over 10 years’ experience in the Education and Sports/Leisure sectors, making him perfectly placed to offer expert advice.

Darren also specialises in saving schools money using ‘green’ energy funding streams. Darren oversees all ‘green’ projects for PCH Associates clients which include Solar/PV installations and Energy Efficiency projects.  

PCH Associates also employ Chartered Surveying, Architectural, Quantity Surveying and Administrative staff to provide support to Mark and Darren for each and every project. The technical team are able to produce accurate drawings and to create artistic impressions for planning permission/ building regulations/ presentations and/or display purposes.

PCH Associates also work extremely closely with other consultants including Structural and Mechanical and Electrical engineers.

Our offices are based in the Suffolk town of Newmarket; renowned for thoroughbred horseracing and training.