PCH Associates aim to differentiate ourselves from other consultancies by approaching projects holistically and proactively. Sometimes a combination of services are required and sometimes more specific provision is appropriate. Below are details of the various services that PCH Associates can offer. If you are unsure as to which service would best meet your requirement, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist.


Funding Advice and Support

PCH Associates are well versed in accessing funding streams and making funding applications on behalf of our clients. Our experience of funding applications includes regular support/ applications for the following:

  • Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)
  • LCVAP (for Diocesan Schools)
  • Football Foundation/ RFU Grants
  • Sport England Grants
  • Salix Energy Efficiency Fund
  • Ethical Schools Energy Co-operative

PCH Associates have an enviable track record in funding success and endeavour to plan well in advance of funding rounds to ensure the supporting information needed is already in place. Our proactive team work closely with clients and funding bodies to ensure your project will happen and achieve the objectives you have set.

Asset Management

PCH Associates are able to perform detailed condition surveys of your building stock and/or prepare measured surveys for floor plans/elevations. This information is helpful for future reference and for Education sector clients when preparing for CDC (Condition Data Collection) visits by the ESFA.

A developed site ‘masterplan’ will underpin your long-term planning and building maintenance strategies which is particularly important for Multi Academy Trusts who are under pressure to get the best value from their formulaic allocations.

Condition Surveys

PCH Associates are able to carry out a comprehensive condition survey of your existing premises, covering the following aspects:

  • External building fabric condition including roof coverings, drainage, windows and landscaping.
  • Internal condition including walls, doors, floors, stairs and fixtures and fittings
  • Mechanical and Electrical services.

The report can be prepared in such high-level detail as on a room-by-room basis if required. The completed report is typically used for strategic planning of building maintenance for the next 1-5 years, detailing recommendation of priorities and budget costs for repairs and/or replacements.

Feasibility Studies

Once priorities for development are identified, PCH Associates are able to produce a feasibility report that will assess and appraise requirement, then identify all associated costs to prove the achievability of your project. This report is suitable for presentation to funding bodies.

Design & Architecture

PCH Associates have an in house architectural team with specialist knowledge of the Education, Sports & Leisure and Residential sectors. We work closely with clients to ensure that their vision is achieved within the given budget and that our specialist knowledge and advice is applied to relevant areas of design.

Planning and Building Regulations Applications

PCH Associates routinely manage planning applications on behalf of clients. This service includes liaison with the local planning department, preparation and submission of all the required drawings/documentation and the planning application form completion and submission. We also routinely submit Building Regulations applications to either the Local Authority or an Approved Inspector.

Contract Administration

Once a project is ready to progress, PCH Associates can manage the contract administration process on your behalf (be it ‘traditional’ or ‘Design & Build’), which can include some or all of the following:

  • Procurement advice
  • Inviting and processing tenders
  • Preparing contract documents
  • Issuing instructions
  • Chairing construction progress meetings
  • Preparing and issuing progress reports
  • Preparing and issuing financial reports/ cash flow forecasting
  • Coordinating other professional services
  • Issuing certificates of practical completion and interim certificates
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects
  • Issuing the final certificate

Statutory Compliance Management Database

PCH Associates have their own unique website to help track and update compliance documentation for clients, keeping on top of renewal periods with alert reminders for upcoming dates. For efficiency we also keep a log of contractors and specialist consultants used and will help organise mandatory checks with as much help as each individual client requires. Examples of documentation that can be held includes:

  • Air Conditioning Inspection Certificate
  • Asbestos Management Plan
  • Asbestos Register
  • Electrical Test Certificate
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Inspection Certificate
  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • Gas Safety Test Report
  • Lift and Hoist Certificate
  • Ventilation Extraction Inspection Certificate
  • Water Safety, Hygiene and Legionella Documents
  • Master Information Files
  • 5-Year Site ‘masterplan’
  • Historical O&M Manuals
  • Record Drawings
  • Sufficiency Audit (BB103)

It can be particularly helpful to have this in place prior to ESFA, condition data collection (CDC) visits or when looking at the distribution of formulaic allocations

Energy Audits/ Sustainability

Energy audits are fast becoming an essential building stock planning tool and are now a legal requirement for large businesses. Modelling tools use detailed building fabric and services specifications to calculate energy consumption and highlight improvement opportunities for all building aspects (e.g. glazing, roofing, insulation, lighting etc.). Armed with this information, decisions can be made as to which improvements should be prioritised based on future financial benefit. Funding applications for building improvements can be strengthened by the inclusion of energy audits projecting significant savings.

PCH Associates also have significant experience of renewable technologies and how these can be installed at no cost to a school to provide savings in the future, particularly in relation to solar/PV installations and upgrade to LED lighting.

Building Surveying Services

PCH Associates are also able to provide in-house professional advice of the following:

  • Defects analysis
  • Advice on neighbourly matters
  • Party wall advice/awards

Project and CDM Coordination

PCH Associates will manage your project on site including the chairing of monthly meetings and carrying out regular inspections to ensure your project remains on programme and that works are being completed to the required standard. PCH Associates can also perform the role of PD (Principal Designer), ensuring that you meet your legal health, safety and welfare obligations to the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).